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Better shop around?Zibo Win-Ceramic Material CO., LTD will be your best choice! Number of visits: Date:2017-06-13 16:00

Hereis an experience of mine of being a merchandiser that I want to share with you just happened recently. One customer just bought a second hand sand mill for grinding paint, there were 5kg of Zirconia beads in that mill, and he need 10kg of Zirconia beads for grinding. He was just settled the price with a supplier, and the business relationship is about to be completed, only the payment unpaid. Coincidentally, one of his friends is our regular customer heard about this, introduced our company Zibo Win-ceramic material to him, and he called us, after to know what we can provide and serve, he finally chose us.


Zirconium beads have many great specialties, high strength high toughness and high density under normal temperature, good abrasion resistance, high temperature and corrosion resistance, high rigidity, no magnetism, electrical insulation, thermal expansion coefficient is close to steel etc. When Zirconia ceramic beads at 600 ’s high temperature, their strength and hardness are almost the same.


Yt-stabilized High-purity Zirconia Beads is using Yttrium oxide as a stabilizer and made by the process of special forming process and high temperature baking.

This process makes the grinding efficiency much higher: Yttrium stabilized TZP zirconium oxide micro beads with 1.6 times the amount than zirconium oxide beads, and with higher grinding efficiency under the same conditions.

Excellent fluidity: the beads has a good roundnesssmooth surface, so it’s wear is lower than other grinding media.

Great impact resistance and low abrasion: TZP zirconia ceramic beads are toughness, no cracking and stripping in high speedhigh concentration machine, the abrasion is only 1/2 of zirconium silicate beads.

Lower using costing: These products lower your costs of abrasion, electricity, labor and equipment and so on, and improve your products quality at the same time.

You will know what we can do if you choose us.