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Can you use zirconia beads to grind paint Number of visits: Date:2018-01-17 10:27
“Can you use zirconia beads to grind paint?” one customer asked by QQ. We have a customer who bought Zirconia beads to paint the paint before, and he did a good jib of reflecting the small amount of wear, so that the amount of the ball has not been reduced and the quality of the raw material milled out is very good. Customers said the Zirconia beads like pears and smooth as the surface, grinding paint is very good.
I put the customer feedback to this question, but he's afraid a lot of purchases, hoping to take some samples to try, so I calculated according to the date provided by the ball mill, the need to purchase the number of zirconia beads, and the day I send express delivery to him in the past. 
Did not expect, not too long, the customer called over, saying that we should purchase a large number of zirconia beads. Because this is a good direction to open up, we are very positive communication with customers to follow up, the successful signing of the contract. The workshop is also stepping up its production. Although the quantities of these goods are relatively large, we have prepared the products for about a week and distributed them to our customers.

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