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High alumina ceramic ball Number of visits: Date:2018-01-19 08:19

Alumina grinding ball is one ideal ball mill grinding can improve grinding efficiency and keep no contamination to your product. High alumina ballhas many advantages e.g. high density, corrosion-resistance, high mechanical strength and great wear-resistance. It is an economical, widely-used and non-metallic grinding media.

Alumina grinding ball is mainly used in ceramic industry, pigment, glass, glaze, chemical industry and many other fields.

92% high alumina grinding ball details

1) Chemical composition

Al2O3 : ≥92 %

SiO2 : 4.51 %

Fe2O3 : 0.01 %

2) Physical Properties

Density : ≥3.60 g/cm3

EWT : ≤0.01 ‰

Compressive Strength : >2000 MPa

Water Absorption : <0.01 %

Crushing Strength : ≥520 kN

Hardness : 9 (Mohs)

Color : White

    Size: 0.5mm ~ 90mm

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