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A steel mill also ordered a number of wear-resistant ceramic Number of visits: Date:2018-01-24 14:35
In early 2017, a steel mill in Shanxi province ordered a series of wear-resistant ceramic sheets in ZiBo Win-ceramic Material Co., ltd to prevent the cylinder from being worn, after running for almost a year later, scene detection, ceramic pieces have almost no wear and tear, traction belt on the drum is also no distortion, the phenomenon of offset, performance and results fully meet customer demand, so they recently ordered a number of wear-resistant ceramic sheets.
ZiBo Win-ceramic this group of wear resistance of ceramic sheets by uniform design of the multiple points, it can make more solid cylinder with ceramic bonding, at the same time would also allow the rollers to achieve traction active role, allow the belt deformation, no deviation. Operation of this product in the same environment, service life is 6-10 times that of other wear-resistant materials used, transportation has been very effective to improve the production efficiency.
Thank you very much here for this steel mill in ZiBo Win-ceramic Material Co., ltd heart and strong support, we will do it consistently, provide customers with better products, let more customers of authorized Zibo Win-ceramic's ceramic.

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