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Precautions for using ceramic grinding body on cement ball mills(2)

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-23 08:20
7) Since the filling rate of the grinding body is increased more, the partition plate between the first and second bins and the grinding sieve plate need to be modified accordingly to solve the corresponding inverted ball warehouse, the grinding tail running ball, and the out Grinding rough and other issues. In particular, the venting hole at the center portion is either a modified slab to reduce the area, or a supplemental sieve plate to prevent the passage of the grinding body.
8) Tests have shown that when a ball mill uses a ceramic grinding body, it is more sensitive to the moisture content of the material. The low-grade cement is mixed with more mixed materials, and the moisture in the grinding is relatively large. The ceramic grinding body greatly reduces the internal temperature of the grinding, which is equivalent to reducing the drying ability of moisture and affecting the mill output. Therefore, after using the ceramic grinding body, more attention should be paid to the control of the moisture content of the grinding material. If necessary, consider introducing hot air from the kiln system or adding a simple hot blast stove.
9) Some companies only have one cement mill, and they are not willing to abolish the metal grinding body. It can be mixed with 10%-20% metal grinding body in the ceramic grinding body.
Ceramic grinding bodies are used in combination with steel balls or steel forging. Due to their different densities and different trajectories, the grinding effect can be enhanced to some extent. There are not many side effects in terms of capacity and energy consumption, but the consumption of metal abrasive bodies will increase.
10) After the ceramic grinding body is added at 60% of the weight of the steel ball, the bench production test of the grinding system may be increased or decreased, but most of them can be controlled within ±10%. Here, special emphasis is placed on the control of the fineness of the grinding and the moisture in the grinding, and the control of the closed circuit system of the roller press should be fully utilized.
11) After the test adjustment of the ceramic grinding body is completed and the maximum filling rate is achieved, the power and transmission configuration of the original ball mill is obviously large, and the appropriate main motor and reducer can be re-selected to obtain further Power saving effect.
Taking the ¢4.2×13m combined grinding system as an example, the main motor power is 3550kW. After replacing the ball mill two bins, the main motor power can be reduced by 1200kW. Switching to a small motor can solve the big horse car problem. It is a power saving measure.
12) About breakage rate: In the early stage of development, there was a problem of high breakage rate, which was related to raw materials, molding and sintering processes. This problem has been solved by some suppliers. There is no problem with the existing good quality ceramic grinding body, and the damage rate is ≤5‰. The key is to choose the right supplier.
13) About the power saving effect: Due to the different processes and different specifications of the grinding system, the percentage of power saving effect varies greatly for different grinding materials. Generally, the grinding power consumption of the ball mill main machine in the grinding system is reduced by 15%. Assessment indicators.
The test shows that the larger the specification of the ball mill, the better the power saving effect of the system. The higher the specific surface area of ​​the cement control, the better the power saving effect. The higher the cementing index, the better the power saving effect.

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