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60 tons of alumina packing ball orders start with trust

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-26 08:27
The development of the network not only facilitates the purchase of customers, but also facilitates alumina packing ball manufacturers. Don't underestimate some small orders. A small order may lead to the big orders in the back. Especially for our industrial products, after buying them in a factory, if they feel good, they are likely to become  own supplier. They will place an order directly after the next purchase.
For example, Mr. Mike, a customer of Russia, bought a alumina packing ball from us last time. This time, they directly gave us a order of 60 tons of alumina packing balls. The previous 20 tons have been shipped today, and the remaining 40 tons. Although the first time that Mr.Mike cooperated with the alumina packing ball order was not big, after the first trust foundation, the success of the contact and cooperation was very smooth, and there was no extra nonsense. 
Therefore,  the big order is also started from the trust of the small . 

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