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Power saving principle of ceramic grinding body for cement ball mill

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-28 09:04
The density of the steel balls is about 7.6 to 7.8 g/cm3, and the density of the currently used ceramic abrasive bodies is generally 3.6 to 3.8 g/cm3, and the density is reduced by about half. The density is less than half. When the ball mill filling rate is constant, the weight of the grinding body is half lighter. The impact force and the grinding force are bound to be small. Can the grinding efficiency and the mill's production time of the mill not decrease? This becomes a key issue for the energy saving of lightweight abrasive bodies. The following is a discussion on ways to avoid the decline in production during Taiwan:
The ball mill bears two functions of crushing and grinding on the grinding material. The crushing (mainly in a warehouse) depends on the impact and grinding (mainly in Ercang, or Sancang). The mechanism of achieving the two functions is different. . The two functions are closed in one process and completed in sequence. The process capability depends on the short board of the two. In order to exert the maximum capacity of the process, it must be based on the granularity and fragility of the material to be milled. Perform a single function supply and demand balance and an equivalent balance of the two functions.
If you do not want to change the internal structure of the mill to establish a new balance, the impact force will be small, which will result in insufficient supply side of the crushing capacity, but it can be adjusted from the demand side and by reducing the particle size of the grinding material. It is to strengthen the pre-grinding of the grinding material. Fortunately, most cement grinding systems are equipped with roller presses, and the roller press is much more efficient than the ball mill. This is a positive energy utilization. Therefore, it is emphasized that the grinding system using the ceramic grinding body must have a roller press in front, and the roller press is preferably a closed circuit system.
The application of the ceramic grinding body on the roller press combined with the grinding system, due to the existence of the closed circuit system of the roller press, the grinding mill particle size is greatly reduced and effectively controlled, thereby greatly reducing the demand for the ball mill crushing function. The grinding function of the ball mill is more dependent on the grinding function, and the possibility of power saving is provided as long as the grinding function of the ball mill is not lowered.
As for the imbalance between supply and demand of the grinding function, it is mainly to increase the adjustment of the supply side. First, the grinding function can be compensated for by increasing the filling rate of the grinding chamber. Second, reducing the average ball diameter of a bin converts the partial pulverizing function into a grinding function. Fortunately, the decline in the grinding function is not very large, the filling rate does not need to increase too much, generally increasing by about 10%.
Since the microcrystalline mineral of the ceramic abrasive body has hardness second only to diamond, not only the consumption of the abrasive body is low, but also the function of the abrasive body is not affected by abrasion, which is not possessed by the metal abrasive body. Even though the ceramic abrasive body has been polished to a smooth surface after a period of use, coarse crystallites can be seen under the microscope.
At the same time, due to the reduction of the weight of the grinding body, the main load basis is established for appropriately increasing the filling rate of the grinding body of the ball mill; since the impact of the working body of the grinding body is mainly changed to the grinding, the grinding is no longer excessively dependent on the grinding. The regular drop of the body also lays a foundation for improving the filling rate from the grinding mechanism, thereby making it possible to increase the grinding capacity by increasing the filling rate.
At the same time, since the ceramic grinding body is a non-metallic material, the electrostatic influence during the grinding process is greatly reduced; since the ceramic grinding body is light in weight, the grinding body is used less, the grinding efficiency is high, and the grinding heat is less, grinding The grinding temperature inside is also low. This is beneficial to improve the grinding efficiency, reduce the dependence on grinding aids, reduce the grinding cost, and improve the adaptability of cement to concrete admixtures.

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