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Honest wear-resistant ceramic lining tile customer

Number of visits: Date:2018-11-30 08:42

On Friday, a old customer in India contacted us and said that he want to purchase 200 kilograms of wear-resistant ceramic lining tile. After talking about the price, the customer paid the money on Ali. When we got off work, the customer found me again, saying that he had to add another 50 kg, and then he took another order. Because it was in stock, we shipped the customer the same day.

One week later, the customer contacted me on Ali to ask if the goods arrived, because we had a rest on Sunday and Ali was not online, so the customer applied for a refund. After seeing the message from Ali after work the next day, I immediately contacted the customer and told the customer that the wearable ceramic lining tile would be available today. However, I did not notice the customer's refund. I have never known that the customer has already applied for a refund. Because there are not many customers who usually purchased in Ali, we have not gone to the background to check. An automatic refund will be issued if you do not process it within 7 days of applying for a refund.

Yesterday afternoon, I suddenly found that the first purchase payment  has already reached our account, and the second  payment has been returned to the customer. I felt a little panic, and quickly contacted the customer, the customer is very honest, and soon pay the money.

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