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How to buy roller rubberized wear-resistant ceramic plate

Number of visits: Date:2018-12-03 10:12
A few days ago, a customer called to consult the roller-coated rubber and wear-resistant ceramic plates. At the same time, they complained to us that they bought a batch of roller-coated rubber and wear-resistant ceramic plates. The manufacturers promised very well, But it didn't take long before it broke. The rubber sheet is not wear-resistant, the use period is short, and so on, and the customer feels that the product quality is problematic.
 Rubber wear-resistant ceramic plate is made by casting a number of independent wear-resistant ceramic blocks into a durable rubber plate. Each wear-resistant ceramic block has a convex feature, and under the normal conveyor belt pressure, thousands of unique castings The bumps can produce positive traction, prevent slippage, and extend the life of the belt roller. At the same time, the elasticity of the bottom rubber can play a very good impact resistance. Each of the wear-resistant ceramic sheets has a groove spaced at a certain distance, so that the debris on the drum can be discharged along the groove, so that the drum has a unique self-cleaning function.
As a professional manufacturer of roller-coated rubber and wear-resistant ceramic plates, Zibo Win-Ceramic reminds everyone that the purchase of such products must choose the ceramic plates produced by regular manufacturers, and remember to ask for quality inspection reports. Good wear-resistant ceramic plate surface is flat, no black spots, smooth and not rough, uniform color, 92 porcelain wear-resistant ceramic plate color is white, 95 porcelain wear-resistant ceramic plate is light yellow, good wear-resistant ceramic plate color has jade The texture not only prevents the belt from slipping, but also fundamentally protects the drum from wear and prolongs its service life.

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