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The amount of wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue

Number of visits: Date:2018-12-28 09:25

Last Thursday, Russian customers wanted to buy a 25, 40 thick wear-resistant ceramic tile totaling 1500 flat.we need to calculate how much glue they need to buy. At that time, I did not calculate it carefully. I calculated it according to the normal amount of 3 square meters. I also thought that the amount of glue should be sufficient. Later,I asked the construction team, but the result was not like this! The builder told me that the thicker the wear-resistant ceramic tile, the more wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue  it can use. It can't be calculated according to a strip of 2.5 square or 3 flat, because both sides of the wear-resistant ceramic tile should be glued. Now it is winter, the amount of use will be more, and if you are not careful.

Therefore,  it is not possible to draw conclusions based on experience alone, and it is necessary to judge according to different situations.

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