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Model of wear-resistant ceramic used in foundry sand production site

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-02 09:09

The selection of wear-resistant ceramics needs to be determined according to the production equipment and working conditions. Let's take a look at which wear-resistant ceramics are needed at the production site of foundry sand.

1.Chute into the vibrating screen

Here, the particle size of the material is relatively large. According to the particle size, a wear-resistant ceramic tile with a thickness of 15 mm or more can be used.

2.Vibrating screen

3.Vibrating screen chute

Here, according to the height of the drop and the size of the particle size, the ceramic plate with a thickness of 15 mm or more is used for anti-wear, and the top chute is relatively large, and the wear-resistant ceramic tile of 25 thick or more can be used for anti-wear treatment.

4.Powder separator

Finally, there will be extension equipment, which is the powder separator. The pipe and the inner wall are generally treated with 17.5mm*17.5mm*10mm wear-resistant ceramic sheets for anti-wear treatment. It is not convenient to use 10mm thick wear-resistant ceramic welded tiles for processing.

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