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Advantages of 92% alumina ceramics

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-04 08:51

1,92% alumina ceramic hardness: its hardness is HRA80-90, hardness is second only to diamond, far exceeding the wear resistance of wear-resistant steel and stainless steel.

2,92% alumina ceramic wear resistance is excellent: its wear resistance is equivalent to 266 times of manganese steel, 171.5 times of high chromium cast iron.

3, 92% alumina ceramics light weight: its density of 3.6g / cm3, only half of steel, can greatly reduce equipment load.

4, 92% alumina ceramics are firmly bonded and have good heat resistance: the wear-resistant ceramic sheets are adhered to the inner wall of the equipment by heat-resistant strong glue. The adhesive can be operated for a long period of time at 350 ° C without aging, and the inorganic binder for the cemented product is resistant to 750 ° C. Adhesive temperature resistance and adhesion performance indicators are far ahead in China.

5, 92% alumina ceramics are easy to install: The company has a skilled and responsible construction team, responsible for the installation of various products.

6. 92% alumina ceramics have a wide range of applications: widely used in coal, steel, mining, chemical, cement, port and other enterprises for coal, transportation systems, milling systems, ash discharge, dust removal On all mechanical equipment such as the system, you can choose different types of products according to different needs.

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