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Wear-resistant ceramic composite liner purchase notice

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-09 08:39

1. The thickness of the wear-resistant ceramic, the thickness of the rubber and the thickness of the steel plate.

2. Ceramic alumina content.

3, Steel plate material.

4, Bolt length and material requirements.

5, Paint requirements. Including paint color, whether it is epoxy zinc-rich paint, film thickness of epoxy zinc-rich paint or other requirements.

6. If the drawings are provided, confirm whether the surface of the paper is a ceramic surface.

7, Packaging requirements.

8. Dimensional tolerance requirements, the tolerance of Zibo win-ceramic is ±1mm.

9, Generally with nuts, if you need to match the mats need to be marked separately.

10, The serial number of the back of the steel plate (usually after the contract is signed)

11, Three-in-one composite liner is a customized product, there may be many models, it is recommended to use the excel table to calculate the area after calculation, so as to ensure the correct rate.






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