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Zibo Win-Ceramic sales team pk competition

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-23 09:22

On January 19th, the Zibo Win-Ceramic sales team PK competition was held in the company conference room. This sales PK competition aims to create a good "comparative, learning, catching, and super" working atmosphere, active sales team collision and improve sales team cohesion and combat effectiveness.

This pk competition is divided into two teams of domestic trade and foreign trade. The competition is divided into three parts. The atmosphere of the game was very warm, and the teams in the required questions were comparable. With the arrival of the answering question, the number of the answering machine display and the score of each team are constantly refreshed, and the game enters a fierce state.All the participating teams want to succeed, seeing other teams grab the opportunity to answer and score smoothly, many players are anxious, some teams in order to regain the score, not waiting for the "beginning" tone to end, they can't wait to press the answer button, instead deducted points, a pity on the scene.In the discussion of the link, the performance of the team members made the referee group sincerely admire, they answered the difficult questions correctly and correctly. The scene spontaneously sang a warm applause. After fierce competition, the foreign trade team stood out and won the honorary title of “champion team”.

The PK competition will let every sales know a lot. In fact, whether it is success or failure, as long as you have the spirit of courage to challenge, it has already created glory.

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