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Warmly celebrate the success of Zibo Win-Ceramic annual meeting

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-25 09:18

On the afternoon of January 19, 2019, the annual meeting of Zibo Win-Ceramic was held in the company conference room. The opening of the annual meeting is to summarize 2018. The every PPT shows our achievements in 2018 and also expresses our expectation for 2019.

The brilliant achievements of Zibo Win-Ceramic in the past year are inseparable from the hard work of everyone. For this reason, the company has issued rich year-end bonuses and prizes. The physical prizes include laptop computers, fuel cards, and sea cucumber gift boxes.

Our Zibo Win-Ceramic employees not only perform well in their work, but also show professional performance standards in talent show. A beautiful song kicked off the prelude of the wonderful program, dance, cross talk, magic, chorus.... The colleagues who were in the room sometimes laughed and laughed, sometimes bursting with cheers, showing their talents on the stage,the whole venue is full of joy and laughter, passion and power...

The game has always been a must-have item for Zibo Win-Ceramic. Everyone has not only play game but also have prizes. In order to make the staffs happy , the annual meeting has prepared a lot of prizes.Along with the promotion of each game, the prizes are also continuously sent out, and the applause thunders and laughter again and again.

After the game, everyone went to the restaurant to attend the dinner. During the dinner, everyone exchanged the harvest of the year, and expressed the blessing of the coming year.

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