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The applications of wear-resistant ceramic

Number of visits: Date:2019-01-28 08:45
1. Application of wear-resistant ceramics in coal handling system
The wear of the coal handling system equipment is mostly caused by low-stress impact and abrasion. The parts that are easy to wear are the three-way, baffle, etc. The use of an adhesive type wear-resistant ceramic liner (which is a composite liner in which a ceramic plate is embedded in a special rubber) is different, and its wear resistance is extremely high.Due to a rubber transition layer ,the impact of the raw coal on the ceramics and equipment can be reduced, thereby improving the impact strength of the composite panel and reducing the noise on site. After the test, the 10kg iron piece was continuously impacted at a height of 3m, and no damage or abnormality was observed.
2, the application of wear-resistant ceramics in the milling system
Most of the wear of the milling system is dominated by pulverized coal collision and scouring. Under the high-speed airflow (generally not less than 25m/s), the pulverized coal is constantly collided and washed against the cylinder, especially the bend of the pipeline. The elbow of the primary duct is a typical example. Most of the wear control of the milling system adopts the method of lining cast stone outer welded steel plate (also with water glass plugging as a temporary measure). Although the wear resistance of cast stone is superior to steel plate, it has a disadvantage of brittleness. The weight is not only limited by the load safety factor of the equipment system, but also easily broken during transportation and installation. For the cast stone that is integrally poured in the elbow of the primary duct, once it is broken, its service life will be greatly reduced, even if it is not Broken, it is also difficult to ensure that the unit does not wear through during an overhaul cycle.
After the appearance of the wear-resistant ceramic sheet, it has been promoted to the recirculation duct of the powder discharge machine, the casing, the bent pipe part of the powder separator and the plate type air locker, and the effect is very satisfactory. User's general praise. It must be pointed out here that since the working temperature of the milling system is much higher than that of the coal handling system (at least above 70 °C), it is not advisable to use an adhesive lining that is easy to age at high temperatures, but should use a straight adhesive with a large temperature range. Type (directly attached to the inner wall of the device with a high temperature adhesive) liner.
3. Application of wear-resistant ceramics in dust removal system
The dust removal system has the same working environment and conditions as the milling system. The wear mechanism of the soot to the equipment is similar to that of the coal powder. Therefore, straight-adhesive wear-resistant ceramic sheets have also been used in dust removal equipment systems in recent years. Practice shows that the wear-resistant ceramic sheet can not only prolong the service life of the equipment from the wear resistance, but also delay the erosion damage of the sulfide in the flue gas to the metal equipment. Power plants that use wear-resistant ceramics on dust removal equipment systems generally reflect that the situation of smoke leakage, ash leakage, and fan output decline may be completely improved or may be greatly improved.
4. Application of wear-resistant ceramics in slagging and ash discharge systems
Power plant with hydraulic slagging and ash discharge, ash pump, mortar pump, oil isolation pump (high pressure plunger pump) outlet pipe section. According to working conditions, it is more suitable to stick rubber-type wear-resistant ceramic piece . After use, it not only eliminates the worry that the pipeline wears through the water splash motor and the flooded pump room, but also the maintenance personnel no longer frequently plugging and changing the pipe, and the on-site hygiene can be guaranteed.

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