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Wear-resistant ceramic liner customer even bought the wrong products

Number of visits: Date:2019-03-04 09:49

A few days ago, a customer ordered 1.3 tons of 10mm thick wear-resistant ceramic tiles from Zibo Win-Ceramic. At that time, the customer was very anxious, and directly asked if there was any spot. On the same day, he signed the contract and paid the full amount. He also requested the same day delivery. I am also afraid of delaying the delivery time, so I did not ask carefully and sent ceramic liner directly to the customer. After the arrival of the products, the customer will not be able to construct. Then I asked about their working conditions. They had to stick them in the pipe with a diameter of 480. This type of flat tiles cannot be set in the pipe and should be replaced with a wear-resistant ceramic trapezoidal tile.

We need to confirm the working condition with the customer before shipping in the future.

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