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Wear-resistant ceramic mosaics in various types of pumps

Number of visits: Date:2019-03-06 08:39

Wear-resistant ceramic mosaics are currently used in a variety of industrial wear environments, such as corrosion protection of various types of fan impellers and housings. Wear-resistant ceramic mosaics are also often used in combination with various metal materials to form wear-resistant ceramic pipe.Another key use area of wear-resistant ceramic mosaics is the wear-resistant anti-wear of the pump, the slurry pump, the casing of the circulating water pump and the impeller. Today we will specifically talk about how to improve the overall cost performance of the pump through wear-resistant ceramic mosaics.

When the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic is combined with the pump-like metal material, the most important problem is the connection method between the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic and the metal. Generally speaking, the joint method of the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic and the metal includes three types, that is, a bonding type, Inlaid and mechanically welded, in which the combined strength of mechanical welding is best for low temperature resistance. The proper use of wear-resistant ceramic mosaics can also replace the use of precious metals at a certain level, reducing the cost of mechanical spare parts themselves. For example, if a wear-resistant ceramic mosaic is placed on the overcurrent component of the pump, the precious metal can be replaced by a common metal material, and the overall cost performance of the pump is greatly improved.

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