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Why use ceramic rubber liner for the weighing lining

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The weighing hopper is an important equipment for weighing the blast furnace tank. Because it is resistant to the friction and impact of the furnace material, the wear and impact are the most serious. Therefore, the lining should be wear-resistant and must have certain impact resistance. The ceramic rubber liner meet this requirement.

In terms of wear resistance, ceramic liners have the best wear resistance in non-metallic wear resistant materials. For impact resistance, metal-type wear-resistant materials are far superior to non-metallic wear-resistant materials. For example, high-chromium wear-resistant cast iron may be more than ten times that of microcrystalline plates, while high-strength wear-resistant materials>microcrystalline liners>casting Stone bricks, but ceramic rubber liners are the exception, and their impact resistance is the best among the above-mentioned linings, which has a great relationship with its structure. Because according to the structure of the ceramic rubber liner, when the charge is impacted, the rubber layer can play a certain buffering effect.

Therefore, whether it is wear resistance or impact resistance, the ceramic rubber liner can meet the demand of the weighing lining.

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