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Wear-resistant ceramic ball

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The wear-resistant ceramic ball is also called alumina wear-resistant ball, and is mainly used for polishing the grinding body of fine pulverizing equipment such as smashing, ball mill, pot mill, vibrating mill. The wear-resistant ceramic ball has the advantages of high hardness, large bulk density, corrosion resistance, etc. Its pulverization efficiency and wear resistance are much better than ordinary ball stone or natural pebbles, and they are widely used in ceramics, glass, enamel, pigment, chemical and other industries.

Wear-resistant ceramic balls can be divided into ordinary wear-resistant ceramic balls and high alumina wear-resistant ceramic balls. The main difference between the two is the content of alumina. The alumina content of ordinary wear-resistant ceramic balls is about 20%, and the appearance is grayish white. It is mostly used for polishing and smashing ceramics and enamel products (such as floor tile manufacturers). The high alumina wear-resistant ceramic ball is mostly used for grinding. The alumina content is more than 90%, the color is milky white, and the higher the alumina content, the whiter the color, the hardness, temperature resistance and corrosion resistance of the ordinary wear-resistant ball. They mainly used for rough grinding, fine grinding and splitting of thick and hard materials. The production of high alumina porcelain polished stone needs to be polished with high alumina wear-resistant ceramic balls, so that the products can be white, flawless and excellent in polishing effect.

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