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Answer the questions of wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue customers

Number of visits: Date:2019-04-01 08:35

Some customers have said that the wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue is not sticky. what is the reason?

(1) For the reason of temperature, when the construction temperature is lower than 10 degrees, the surface to be bonded is first heated to about 30 ° C and then bonded. If no heating measures are taken, especially when the temperature is below 0 °C, the user will wear-resistant ceramics falling off during use, but the heating temperature should not exceed 50 °C, otherwise the bonding strength will be affected.

(2) The surface treatment of steel parts is not clean, which will also affect the viscosity of wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue.

(3) Reasons for matching. Wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue need to be compounded with A and B components by weight ratio of 4:1.

The prepared ceramic epoxy glue should be used up within 30 to 40 minutes to avoid thickening and non-sticking. Therefore, it is recommended to dispense a small amount of glue.

In view of the fact that customers will not use wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue, we have also made some measures, such as giving customers a description of the instructions in advance, and our wear-resistant ceramic epoxy glue packaging has also been labeled, there are also instructions and precautions.

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