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Composite wear-resistant ceramic tile features

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The wear-resistant ceramic tile has the characteristics of good wear resistance, high hardness, and the cost is getting lower and lower, which is generally favored by users. Wear-resistant ceramic adhesive refers to a high-performance adhesive specially used to adhere the wear-resistant ceramic lining or lining to the surface of the equipment substrate to protect the equipment substrate. It is difficult to connect between the wear-resistant ceramics and the metal parts of the equipment through traditional connection methods such as welding. It is practiced in recent years to use the wear-resistant ceramic adhesive to bond the wear-resistant ceramic lining and the metal parts of the equipment. A proven connection method for testing. This technology has been developed and extended to the power, metallurgy, mining, cement and other industries . The wear-resistant ceramic adhesive can be used to bond the high-purity and wear-resistant ceramic tiles to the surface of equipment that is subject to severe material scouring, prolong the service life of these equipments and reduce the maintenance of such equipment, thereby reducing the replacement of new equipment and reducing equipment operation. 

The composite wear-resistant ceramic tile is a combination of ceramic, rubber and steel tile. The following briefly describes the characteristics of the composite wear-resistant ceramic tile: 1. A rubber vulcanized layer is added between the ceramic and the steel tile, and the wear-resistant ceramic lining is buffered. The impact of ceramics, wear-resistant ceramic lining improves the impact strength of the composite panel, and also has a sound insulation effect. 2. The utilization rate of the composite wear-resistant ceramic tile is extremely high. 3. The metal base plate and the joint are not in contact with the material, thereby avoiding corrosion and wear. 4. Using the steel plate, the overall mechanical strength of the composite wear-resistant lining is greatly improved. It overcomes the weakness of ceramics that is not resistant to impact and breakage, so that the performance of the material can be fully utilized.

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