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Wear-resistant ceramic mosaic in the power industry

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The power industry is a basic industry in modern countries. There are many types of power generation and power supply equipment, large quantities and high complexity. Problems such as air leakage, water leakage, oil leakage, coal leakage, ash leakage, smoke leakage, air leakage and wear have always been a major problem that plagues the safe and civilized production of power companies.

Powder conveying pipeline: Most of the coal powder conveying pipelines transported by the power plant combustion system are Q235. The raw coal is ground into coal by the coal mill and then flows like a fluid in the pipe and transported to the furnace through the coal pipeline. After using for a period of time, the inner wall of the pipe is seriously washed by the pulverized coal particles, and the wall thickness is thinned. The pipe wall is even worn by the pulverized coal at the bent pipe, and the leakage powder pollutes the environment and reduces the efficiency. In order to improve the wear resistance, the use of appropriate high-strength structural adhesive to adhere the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic can well avoid the wear of the pipeline, and protect the pipeline and extend the service life of the pipeline.

Separator: There are many abrasive wears in the cyclone separator of the power plant. The special parts are worn by the pulverized coal into channels or perforations. The high-strength structural adhesive can be used to adhere the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic to prevent wear and prolong the separation. The service life of the device.

Coal mill: The medium speed grinding cone of the power plant is seriously worn under the high flow rate of coal particles. The high-strength structural adhesive is used to adhere the wear-resistant ceramic mosaic, which effectively extends the life of the equipment by 2 to 3 years.The wear of the above power equipment can be repaired with the wear-resistant ceramic material. Win-ceramic wear-resistant ceramics has been continuously explored and practiced, and has been applied in power plants for practical results.



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