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Application of wear-resistant ceramic sheets in the classifier

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The powder separator is an important component of the closed loop grinding system, and it plays the role of adjusting the particle size of the finished product. The reliability of its work affects the normal operation of the entire production line. Due to the large slag wear and humidity, the cleaning machine and the replacement of worn parts seriously affect the normal production of the powder separator.

The wear-resistant ceramic lining is stuck in the cutting chute of the classifier, which can solve this problem very well. The wear-resistant ceramic lining material is made of microcrystalline wear-resistant alumina. It is sintered at a high temperature of more than 1700 degrees and has high hardness and wear resistance. It is widely used in the selection of grinding systems in building materials, chemical, metallurgy, power plants and mining industries. In the powder machine.


The wear-resistant ceramic lining is fixed by the bonding method, which facilitates the installation and replacement work, and also reduces the specification and quantity of the spare parts, thereby saving the cost for the user. Secondly, the wear-resistant ceramic lining has better wear resistance, the surface is smooth, and the material is not scraped without material, which can effectively prevent the material from being blocked and the plugging is convenient.


Wear-resistant ceramic lining has been applied in many industries, and the anti-blocking effect is obvious, which greatly reduces the probability of material blocking, prolongs the equipment plugging cycle, reduces the user downtime, and creates economic benefits for the user.

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