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The rubber-ceramic-steel composite lining sheet successfully solved the problem of mixing cylinder adhesive

Number of visits: Date:2019-10-28 08:27

After the expansion and transformation of a 1# sintering machine of an ironmaking plant, the loading amount increased greatly, which made the problem of the wall material sticking more prominent. In just one month, due to the problem of cleaning the mixing tube, there were four production stops. The problem of mixing material sticking becomes an insurmountable obstacle to the production process of sintering machine, but with the application of three-in-one rubber composite ceramic lining, this problem has been effectively solved.

In order to completely solve the problem of mixing the material of the mixing tube, the iron and steel plant held several special meetings and conducted technical exchanges with the professional technicians of the Win-Ceramic. Understand that the three-in-one rubber composite ceramic lining plate produced by our company can not only solve the problem of mixing material in the mixing barrel from the lining material, but also increase the spherical rate from the structural form of the lining, which is beneficial to sintering. Mineral product quality and output. However, considering that the product has not been used before, and I don't know how the actual performance is used, the company organized relevant technical personnel to come to the factory for on-site research and verification, and finally decided to try our three-in-one rubber composite ceramic liner.


After completing the replacement and modification of the mixed cylinder liner, the factory has achieved the ideal use effect after more than three months of practical application, and successfully solved the problem of the mixing barrel adhesive.

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