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Application direction of alumina wear-resistant welded tile

Number of visits: Date:2019-11-01 09:12

The application field of alumina wear-resistant welded orifice is very extensive. Now we analyze its application direction through its structural characteristics.

I don't know if you have seen the appearance of alumina wear-resistant welding hole plate, that is, one or more round holes are added in the middle of ordinary ceramic plate. The role of this round hole is to connect the lining plate with the working surface through the electric welding process. The use of welding as a rigid, high-strength connection allows it to work in a variety of harsh environments.

Now that we know the connection principle of alumina wear-resistant welded orifice, we can know its general application direction:
1. High-temperature environment. Generally, the liner of ordinary adhesive works at about 100 degrees, even if the high-temperature adhesive is used, it can only work at about 300 degrees. However, the wear-resistant welding orifice of alumina can bear a higher temperature, which greatly widens its application range.
2. Vibration environment. The adhesive force of ceramic glue is limited. If it works for a long time in a vibration environment, it is easy to fall off. Aluminum oxide wear-resistant welding hole plate adopts the welding method, and the connection is more firm.
3. Impact environment. This is similar to the vibration environment, but the probability of falling off is greater than the vibration environment.

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