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How to inquire about wear-resistant ceramic pipes

Number of visits: Date:2019-11-11 13:11

Some customers ask "Do you wear wear-resistant ceramic pipes?" After you get a positive answer, tell us the outer diameter of your pipe, and then let the offer, to be honest, this situation can't be quoted.

There are many types of wear-resistant ceramic pipes, such as ceramic sheets on the inner wall, wear-resistant ceramic sleeves, centrifugal casting, and integral molding. It is also because of the wide variety of wear-resistant ceramic pipes, which caused some customers to waste a lot of time due to unclear expression during the consultation process. There are also some customers who are traders. If the end user's technical documents only label wear-resistant ceramic pipes, it is easy to receive a big difference.


Even if the type of pipe is determined, such as the patch wear-resistant ceramic pipe, its price is not easily reported.


The patch wear-resistant ceramic pipe is made by sticking the alumina ceramic piece to the inner wall of the pipe with high temperature resistant strong adhesive, and forming a firm anti-friction layer after being heated and solidified. The production process of the product is relatively simple, the production cycle is short, and the cost is relatively low. The alumina ceramic sheets used are further divided into small-sized mosaic patches, slightly larger wear-resistant ceramic liners, wear-resistant ceramic liners with holes, and ceramic sheets with card slots. Because of different working conditions, their long-term operating temperature is not the same; ordinary temperature like the working condition below 200 °C, we can choose the mosaic according to the thickness of the customer's requirements or ordinary ceramic pieces directly paste with glue, However, similar to thermal power plants, etc., the temperature of these operations is too high, so that the ceramic glue can not fix the alumina ceramic piece. We have to consider one more way to give it a layer of "insurance", such as a welded ceramic lining with holes. Plates, inter-sheets or card slots, etc.


Through the above description, we know that only knowing the thickness of ceramics does not know which ceramics are used in wear-resistant ceramic pipes, so it is difficult to quote the price. The cost of each type of alumina ceramic sheets is different, and different bonding methods will produce influences.


There are still so many differences in the same thickness of the same kind, not to mention other types. Therefore, you must pay attention to the inquiry process. The working conditions, ceramic thickness, steel tube thickness and diameter may affect your final price!

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