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Advantages of wear-resistant ceramic adhesive and points for attention

Number of visits: Date:2019-11-15 14:38

The wear-resistant ceramic adhesive is a kind of high-performance adhesive that is used to paste wear-resistant ceramic on the surface of the equipment and protect equipment from wear. Wear-resistant ceramic glue is used to paste wear-resistant ceramic pieces on the top and facade of the equipment. It has strong initial adhesion and does not fall off without magnets or other supporting measures during the construction process, which optimizes the construction process and reduces the construction cost. The wear-resistant ceramic glue is also applicable to the equipment washed by ash powder, such as cone shape of medium-speed pulverizer, coarse powder separator, powder exhaust fan, pulverized coal pipeline, etc., and the equipment washed or eroded by materials in steel, cement, chemical industry, and other industries.

What should be paid attention to when using wear-resistant ceramic adhesive?


1. Since the wear-resistant ceramic adhesive is two-component, it is necessary to follow the principle of glue matching and match the adhesive according to the specified ratio to avoid the poor adhesive effect.


2. When mixing the wear-resistant ceramic glue, it is necessary to pay attention to a small number of times. When mixing the glue, it is necessary to stir it frequently to prevent the wear-resistant ceramic glue from curing before it is used up, causing unnecessary waste.


3. After the coating of wear-resistant ceramic, it is necessary to rub it back and forth several times during the bonding, so that the thickness of the adhesive is uniform and gas bubbles can be eliminated.


4. If the wear-resistant ceramic adhesive cured at room temperature is cured by heating, the adhesion, heat resistance and water resistance of the solidified product will be improved obviously.


In addition, when using, we need to know the working condition and operating temperature and select the appropriate wear-resistant ceramic glue. If the normal temperature glue is selected under the working condition of 200 ℃, the glue will undergo qualitative change due to high temperature during operation, which will cause the ceramic chip to fall off.

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