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Application of wear-resistant ceramic liner in power plant淄博赢驰新闻 Number of visits: Date:2020-11-05 09:42
The pulverizing, ash, dust removal, and coal conveying systems of coal-fired power plants are constantly affected by factors such as friction, corrosion, collision, and impact of the medium during operation, and are prone to leakage, causing environmental pollution, and wear-resistant applications Ceramic liner is an ideal method for leak control.
    (1) Application in pulverizing system
    Most of the wear and tear of the pulverizing system of coal-fired power plants is mainly caused by coal collision, friction, and impact. The high-speed pulverized coal airflow is particularly serious to the pulverizing system equipment, especially to the outlet pipe of the coal mill, the elbow of the primary air pipe, and the inlet and outlet pipes of the coarse and fine powder separator. The application of wear-resistant ceramic liner has an ideal effect and has been well received by users. For example, Shandong Longkou Power Plant,the pulverizing system is not only wear-resistant and does not fall off, but also has no impact on the system. Its biggest advantage is its simple construction and low cost, showing its good development prospects.
    (2) Application in ash system
    In power plants that use hydraulic ash and slag removal systems, ash pumps, ash ditch nozzles and other inlet and outlet pipe sections are the most easily worn parts. According to the working conditions on site, sticky ceramics are more suitable. According to the usage of Qingdao Power Plant, the effect of these parts is very satisfactory. Maintenance personnel no longer frequently plug leaks and replace equipment, and on-site hygiene has been greatly improved.
    (3) Application in coal handling system
    Most of the wear and tear of coal handling system equipment is mainly abrasion and impact. The most easily worn parts are the coal dump, tee, baffle, etc. The composite liner is a composite liner composed of ceramic rubber liner, which is press-embedded in special rubber. Its wear resistance and impact resistance , The smoothness of the inner wall is greatly improved. Judging from the use of power plants, it is an ideal method for preventing wear and leakage.
      As a high-tech product, wear-resistant ceramic liner is used more and more widely. Users can choose different types of products according to their actual conditions.

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