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  • Name: Alumina Ceramic Microball
  • ID: WIN-QG92-02
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Bynames: Ceramic ball, porcelain ball, grinding ball, corundum ball, wear-resistant ball, high-alumina ball
Appears as white balls ranging 0.5-20mm in diameter
A.Alumina wear-resistant ceramic microball is used for grinding or separating nonmetallic mineral product powders (e.g. zirconium silicate, kaoline, heavy calcium carbonate) and materials of the coating/painting industries, and for polishing metal members. It applies to various grinding and polishing machines.
B.It increases the wear coefficient when added to rubber.
C.It is heat resistant and can be used as the rolling bead under a pusher kiln.
D.It has high strength and high hardness and can be used for polishing.

Features of wear-resistant ceramic microball
(1)Alumina based (≥92%), will not compromise the quality of the grinded material.
(2)Large specific gravity (≥3.60g/cm3), significantly raises the grinding efficiency, shortens the grinding time, saves energy, lowers the cost, effectively increases usable volume of the ball mill and thereby the charging rate of the grinding material.
(3)High hardness, low wear rate, greatly extends the service life of the grinding media.
(4)High whiteness, will not compromise the color of the grinded material.

Packing: in filmed woven bags, 25kg/bag
Product Advantages: The alumina produced by China Aluminum Corp. is used as the base material, which provides high purity, little impurity and stable quality. Production is implemented on kanban basis and the entire production process is controllable and traceable. Each batch of product is strictly tested. The process and result guarantee stable performance and proven quality of the final product.

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